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Selling Your Home

Selling Your HouseOnce you have determined that moving to a CCRC is the right move for you, you may be wondering what to do about selling your home. There are many things to think about.

  • What should I list my home for?
  • Who is the right real estate agent to use to sell my home?
  • Should I make any repairs or improvements as part of the process?
  • What do I do with all of my stuff?

Homarc, a sister company to LifePlanLiving exists to provide expertise and comfort to families facing the exciting, yet nerve-wracking process of moving to a CCRC. Homarc is fortunate to be able to provide peace of mind during the stress of a significant move. By offering optimistic, energetic and tenacious support, Homarc’s system which is implemented by your S3Living Advisor, accelerates home sale success.

For more than 20 years, Homarc has helped thousands to relocate to CCRCs nationwide. From helping to select the real estate agent, to figuring out what to move, your Advisor provides support to you so that moving to your new home is as easy as living there.

And our Homarc service is free to you. Because Homarc operates as a specialized relocation company, the service is free of charge to our clients. Our compensation is generated by the service providers that we partner with.