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Our Approach to Senior Living | Life Plan Living | CCRC | life plan communities

Our Approach to Senior Living

Approach To Senior LivingOur consultants are experts in senior living communities and collectively have more than 20 years helping families achieve their dreams and goals. During that time, we have coached hundreds of families through the following stages of senior living journey: Education, Coaching and Negotiation.

Education Stage: During this time families gain knowledge about what the senior living world is all about. What do Life Plan Communities offer? What is the continuum of care? What is a Life Care contract? What is a Fee for Service contract? Why is this so hard to understand? Your Advisor has these answers and more.

Guiding Stage: Once someone understands what CCRCs are offering, there is a period of time when they are trying to determine if CCRCs are for them. They are trying to envision themselves living in an apartment or villa or townhouse in a community with hundreds of others in their community. And they are trying to evaluate whether this change is the right one for them. Our Advisors guide you through thinking and planning for a move so that when you are ready we can negotiate on your behalf as well.

Negotiation Stage: After the family determines the lifestyle being offered by the community is something that they want to partake in, the family enters into the negotiation stage. During this time, the family is considering what unit is actually available in the CCRC that they have chosen. They are deciding what floor plan they would like and perhaps what finishes they want to change or upgrade. Your S3Living Advisor can offer experience and market knowledge to influence the outcome of the decision your favor.